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Crepes Full of Flavor

Allergy Free Is Not Tasteless - Have Fun With Food


Dishes that will make your mouth water and the whole family can enjoy.

Who We Are


Fiona Ratzlaff is a mother of a beautiful little girl who was born with food allergies.  Her eating habits were terrible.  Imagine having a child that would not eat but once every 1-3 days. She was less than 10 percentile on her weight.  She was on Rantadine by the age of one.  It was a struggle, but the determination of her mother and figuring out her child's issues and trying to treat them herself is what culminated in this book and any future recipes.

Our Philosophy


There is nothing you can't do.  Everything is possible.  Determination, research, support, and guidance will get you through this difficult transition.


Once you have received the knowledge and help, you can do anything with it.  You can enjoy life again and be even healthier than you were before.









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