Duck Mango Salad

Duck Mango Salad



This book was created with the well being of all in mind and for those who wish to be healthy.


Since the age of five, Fiona Ratzlaff has maintained an absolute passion for wholesome cooking. By the age of 13, she was preparing meals full time for her family. Her interest in cooking took a dramatic turn when her daughter was diagnosed with a series of severe food allergies. Suddenly, it was impossible for to enjoy their longtime favorite restaurants, traditional recipes, or enjoy meals during family reunions.
Education, persistence, and discipline are three of the main ingredients in overcoming dietary issues. By sticking to these key tenets Fiona shows others how to change the way they think about allergy-free food. Easy Please-z Allergy Free-z introduces readers to a collection of recipes hand-picked from Fiona’s journey and prepares families for a lifetime of wholesome cooking and eating.
Fiona holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of South Florida and an Associate's Degree from St. Petersburg Junior College. She also holds a Docent Certification from the Salvador Dali Museum and a Paraoptometric Certification from the American Optometric Association. She served as the Vice President of The Florida Fine Art Museum Corporation and served as Chairperson of the New Mexico Paraoptometric Committee.
When she's not writing or in the office, Fiona loves wandering museums and cooking for her friends and family.

Disclaimer:  Fiona is not a Doctor, nor claims to be any sort of medical professional.  When deciding to start a new adventure in food and you have been ill.  Make sure you continue to see your health care provider if you are planning on taking any additional steps or changes in your health care.  It is not under the advisement of Fiona or any other person associated with this book or website, to make changes in ones health care regiment without seeking the correct professional advise.

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