Why am I sick?



There are many aspects as to why you have become ill or your one of your family members is.  Food allergies are simple and complex at the same time.

Health Data


Allergies are immune responses.  In Western countries, we have a tendency to over clean, smaller families, larger use of antibiotics, just to name a few.


We also have a large number of chemicals and genetically modified (GMO) food that is in the foods we buy.  Imagine the cousin of the Peanut, the Soybean.  When GMO'd the genetically known lectin from the soy plant is taking out then reinjected to increase it's content drastically.  The problem with this is the soybean is the cousin to the peanut family and therefore has thrown the allergens to soy up the chart.  Peanuts are the number one Food allergen, Soy used to be nowhere near the allergen list.  But now since GMO has taken over it is in the top 8 for food allergens.  What do you think GMO foods are doing to you?


What can I do to get healthy?

What we buy


Avoid regular foods at the grocery store.  Best things to look for are Organic, GMO free, allergen free ( meaning the top 8).  Most Stores are starting to carry a Gluten Free section, in effectyou might be able to find some other allergy free foods within the store you can eat.

Tricks to know what you are getting


There is a company called the Non-GMO Project.  They test and certify each product, not the entire company all at once.  Their logo is of a butterfly.  Look for it on your foods.


Fresh food do you know what you are getting?  Farmers markets, Organic Food stores are the best, but if you go into a regular grocery store here is a little help to have your best chance of getting the best food.  Look for five digit PLU codes starting with a 9.  It is the Non-GMO identifier.

What kind of meats are safe?

What to take into Consideration


Is the animal pumped full of chemicals and medicines?  What kind of food are they being feed.  Are they cooped up by the masses?  Are they grass fed?  What does this all mean?

How to look at your food


Places like Whole foods carry a large assortment of meats that have been Non-GMO Project Verified.


Grass Fed means they are not constantly cramped in a corral and require less antibiotics.  Less medicine healthier for you.


Cage free for the Poultry means they are free to roam.  Much healthier overall.

Cost to Change My Diet

What is your health worth?


Yes it will cost you more to go on this diet but you will benefit greatly.  There are many things you can consider when balancing your budget.

Budget Savings.


Do you have some land with your house?  Time to learn how to grow.  I killed even cactus but now I can grow anything.  Get the right greenhouse if needed.  Never use chemicals to treat your plants.  Always purchase Heirloom non GMO seeds.


Like fresh herbs, grow then on your window sill.


Farmers Markets can also save you some money and you can always ask them how they produce their food, do they use chemicals or any GMO products.

Give the Gift of Health.  For anyone you know suffering from food allergies this is the book for them.